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Wilderness Survival Tips Everyone Should Know

Wilderness Survival Tips

It’s important for anyone who enjoys going out into the great outdoors to learn a few wilderness survival tips for any situation. When faced with a crisis that requires a more serious approach, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. It is recommended that anyone who likes travel or outdoor sports should always carry a supply of food and water with them. Survival experts suggest that these supplies should be portable and easy to carry with no complications. Here are a few tips on how to survive in the wilderness.

Being Prepared

One of the most important wilderness survival tips for any situation is to be prepared, no matter what the circumstances. This means you should have emergency medical equipment, first aid kits, and light and signal devices. Always carry something portable and in one piece, so it will be easy to use when needed. Consider carrying a large flashlight, a compass, an emergency beacon, a pager, a two-way radio, a thermal blanket, food bars, or other freeze-dried meals. Other essentials include a pail and shovel, a sleeping bag, a knife and blanket, fire starter matches, an army blanket, a poncho, a whistle, and duct tape.


Another crucial wilderness survival tip for any survival situations involves sheltering from the elements. Some people venture into the wilderness as a way to get away from the forts of home, but others prepare their shelter in the comfort of their car. Whatever the reason for going into the wilderness, it’s important to have some form of shelter or protection from the weather. The best shelter is usually a tarp or a dome. These shelters should be located in locations where they will receive the most precipitation.

The most popular type of shelter used by outdoorsmen is dugout. Although this provides shelter from the elements, the wood of which the dugout is made can rot if left out in the weather for too long. It would help if you considered using metal sheets to cover all areas of the shelter to protect it from harsh weather like rain, sleet, snow, hail, and sunlight.

Basic Outdoor Skills

Another great wilderness survival tips for anyone venturing into surviving the wilderness is having basic outdoor skills to make them comfortable. Some of these skills include using insect repellent, building a fire, using small heating elements such as camp stoves, and learning how to make simple friction fires. Insect repellent is particularly important to someone who will be traveling through areas where bugs are prevalent. Campfires are a common form of fire-making for campers. If insect repellant is not available, using a citronella candle or oil can be enough to keep them away.

Creating A Survival Skill List

This survival skill list should include items such as how to prepare food and water, clothing, fire making, and so on. Creating a survival skill list is simply a matter of brainstorming for the items you need most. If one person in your party lacks some kind of skill, it is perfectly acceptable to suggest that they bring along additional supplies.

Preparing For The Unexpected

Preparation can mean a few different things. It could mean being sure to have fire prepared, having a first aid kit, and so on. These items are all designed to make it possible for anyone to survive a wilderness survival situation. A wilderness survival course can teach people all of the skills necessary to stay safe in dangerous situations.

Final Thoughts on Wilderness Survival Tips

For more detailed wilderness survival tips, you need to look online at various survivalist forums. Forums are an excellent place for anyone to ask questions of experienced outdoor enthusiasts. It is also a great place to get valuable information about the best kinds of flint knapping tools to bring along on any outdoor adventure. Flintknapping tools are among some of the most important wilderness survival tips for anyone venturing into the great outdoors.

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