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6 Must Have Items in a Wilderness Survival Kit

Wilderness Survival Kit

Can you imagine yourself in the wilderness for a night or two? Perhaps it has crossed your mind a couple of times in the past. In fact, it must have told you that it’s the kind of environment where you won’t survive. The comfort and convenience that you are so used to having on regular days have made you unfit for a day in the wilderness. 

But what if you have to? What will you put inside your wilderness survival kit? The good news is that you have a very good chance of survival if you know exactly what you need to put in that bag. With the right supplies at the right number, you might just live in the wilderness until help comes to save the day. 

What Items Should Be In The Wilderness Survival Kit?

In theory, you will need a lot of things to survive in the wilderness. But when you consider the kind of life you can live out there, the number of items you need will just be a few. When a disaster strikes and you suddenly are left in the wilderness, what do you need to last a day or two? 

Here are several things you need in your wilderness survival kits list:

Fire Starter

When you are out in the wilderness, you want to make sure you have the capacity to start a fire. It will be cold at night and with the fire, you will be able to fight off the hunger, keep the predators out and perhaps even cook a nice warm meal. You might want to look into instant fire starters. Choose the one that is easy to maneuver. Put them in waterproof containers and store them in the kit where they can easily be accessed. 

Outdoor Knife

When you are out in the outdoors, the chances of you doing a lot of cutting is very high. Make sure to choose the right outdoor knife for you. The high quality survival knife that you will be picking is going to be your new best friend out there. Choosing which one to buy will be tough, but you have to make the right choice. The most ideal of them all is the one that will allow you to cut through anything and everything with ease. 

Compass And Map

You are lucky to be able to access the GPS at this time. But you have to be prepared when all your access to technology is gone. This is when a map and a compass become the ever reliable tools to use. Not only will they help you navigate in the wilderness, but they will allow you to find your way to getting help. The first step to survival is buying that compass and map, but the real call for survival is when you learn how to use both. Your understanding of the map and the proper reading of the compass is what will get you the help you need when you are out there.

What’s Your Takeaway on the Wilderness Survival Kit?

If you can, you would take your whole house with you. But when an emergency happens or a disaster strikes, there is nothing you can do about it. All you can be is to be prepared with survival must haves. You need to at least have the items that will make you last a few days until help sweeps in to save you.    

Depending on the disaster that put you in that situation, there are items that every person needs and wants at a given time. What the list above includes are the core items that every person must have in their wilderness survival kit. These should always be available in your Wilderness Survival Kit. The items are important for your survival and a few other things that make life worthwhile.

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