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What is a Bug Out Bag Kit?

What Is A Bug Out Bag Kit?

What is a Bug Out Bag Kit? If a disaster strikes at this time, would the contents of your survival bugout bag be able to save you? Will they be good enough to help you survive days of no help? Perhaps these questions have made you stop in your tracks and think about what you put inside your bug bag. At the moment, all the contents of your bag are necessary, but they are not everything you need to survive. 

If you are not all about survival, the question What is a Bug Out Bag Kit? would be strange to you. But it’s everything that a bug-out bag has that will make you survive days during a disastrous, often life-threatening situation. But what makes the survival bug out bag different from all the other bags? It simply refers to a bag that contains all the supplies you may need to survive at least 72 hours or until help comes. 

When Are Bug Out Bags Necessary?

When is the best time to prepare the bug-out bag? In truth, if you speak to experts about survival, they will tell you that yesterday was the best time to prepare it. After all, when it comes to disasters happening, they don’t really tell you when. All you can do is to be prepared enough for the worse that could happen. 

Bug out bags is very useful during natural disasters and calamities. They also prove to be important in situations that require you to evacuate your home. These bags contain only the essentials. The contents pertain to essentials in survival during worst-case scenarios. It is not about comfort or convenience. Rather, it is about life and death situations. 

What is a Bug Out Bag Kit?

Most of the contents of the bag depend a lot on your circumstance. Whether you are preparing for a natural disaster or an earthquake, the contents of the bag will have to be changed accordingly. Your family situation is also a factor when it comes to preparing the contents of your bug out bags. The needs of young children should always be considered such as milk and diapers. 

However, some of the contents of a bug out bag prove to be universal. It means that they are essentials in almost all bug out bags. Here are a few ideas on what is a Bug Out Bag?


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Did you know that the recommended amount of water per person per day is about a gallon? When preparing your bug out bag, it is important to consider how many gallons of water you need packed. Water is not just used for drinking, but they can serve other purposes too like cleaning and cooking. Packing four gallons of water only proves to be a good idea. 


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How much food should you keep? It has to be good enough to last you for three days. If you can, it is best to prepare dehydrated meals. You can then transfer these food items into smaller bags and use a freeze dryer to have them airtight and sealed. 

You may also prepare canned goods and other kinds of food items. Just make sure that you have enough to last for three days. Packing crackers could help bring in comfort too.

First Aid Kit

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No bug out bag should be prepared without the first aid kit. It is an absolute essential to anyone, especially during a storm or any form of disaster. However, not all first aid kits are the same. There are essential items in the kit that you can’t be without like band-aids, gauze, and medical tape. Antiseptic gel or oitment could help in relieving pain from injuries too. 

The medical kit you prepare should include medications that any of your family members take. This is to assume that they might need it, especially during emergency situations. 

Filtering Material

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How long will the emergency last? You always have to assume the worst, that’s why you need a filtering material to help you have continued access to clean water. The gallons that you have with you could be reused. Refill them with clean water from the water filter pump that you have. You may also want to look into an introverted bag filter solution. Both could help save you when times get tough. 

Tarpaulin material

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A tarp may be used as a platform for signages, but they prove to be useful during times of emergencies too. They are great as shelter material. If you can pack the tent, then go ahead as it is the perfect home in the outdoors. However, a tarp remains to be the perfect alternative to your home. They are lightweight and versatile too. 


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From a survivalist perspective, a knife always proves to be the most useful during emergencies. It can be used to prepare food, split wood to start a fire, cut the rope, and a number of other tasks. A good knife will always be useful for a survivor like you. It would be a great add on if you could pack a knife sharpener too. 

Fire Starter

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Hopefully, help will come before night time creeps in. But if it doesn’t, having a fire starter could help keep you and your family from the cold. Gathering wood and kindling should be easy when you have a fire starter with you. The fire starter will ignite the fire and it will keep you warm despite the crisis. 


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You’ll never know when you need to move during a disaster. During these times, having a compass could help you find your way. Many people think that bringing a compass won’t be necessary, because you can always look into Google maps or the GPS on your phone can help find the way. However, you may not have access to those during emergency situations. A good compass, along with a detailed map of your place, should help you navigate despite the emergency. 

What’s Your Takeaway on What is a Bug Out Bag Kit?

Putting together the bug-out bag for yourself and your family should help you in many different ways. It is packed with everything that you need to survive a disaster or an emergency. More importantly, it provides you with ease and comfort knowing that you are prepared no matter what happens. 

It doesn’t matter where you live, because a disaster could happen and anyone could be a victim. Be prepared for well-prepared, fully-equipped with bug out bag kit. Start planning it today!

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