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Top Self-Defense Knives To Have

Self-Defense Knives To Have

What do you have in your bag that can help you defend yourself in danger? No matter how hard you try to keep yourself from being in dangerous situations, there will always come a time when you will be in danger. It is best to prepare yourself for these Self-Defense Knives before they even happen to you. 

While you have always been told to avoid dangerous situations, you can’t help but worry. What if it happens to you? How prepared are you for it? No one can really say when a bad thing will happen. Sometimes, it happens when you least expect it. 

Nonetheless, you need to be prepared for it. Getting a self-defense knife is the best way to go. 

What Is A Knife Good For?

Nobody wants to find themselves in a difficult situation. But everyone should always be prepared for the worse. When you find yourself trying to fight for your life against an attacker, you must have a good knife you can depend on. 

Having a self-defense knife will only give you the advantage that you need to save yourself. A bladed weapon you can easily get your hands on can spell the difference between life and death. 

What Self-Defense Knives Do You Need To Buy?

Among all the self-defense knives available in the market, here are the ones that made it to our shortlist. They prove to be the best of the best. Take your pick:

Gerber Paraframe Blades

The Gerber Legendary Blades have earned their spot when it comes to knife manufacturing. They were established in 1939 and have worked very hard to provide their customers with nothing less than the best. While their competition offers more, the Gerber Blades take pride in their knives. They have a whole range of knives for various purposes. Each one promises to be the best you’ll ever have. So if you are looking for the right brand for your self-defense, knife, you better get a Gerber today. 

Provoke by CRKT

Columbia River Knife and Tool also known as CRKT is based in Oregon. This American company was founded by two knife makers in 1994. While the two have previously been employed by a company that specializes in knives, they have found a way to build their own knife company from scratch. They used their exposure, experience, and knowledge to put together a company that creates one of the best self-defense knives you could ever need. The designs of their knives are remarkably beautiful, if not clever. They are very easy to bring and very discreet too. 

Microtech Knives

The Microtech Knives company is known for their beautiful yet fully-functional knives. They are known to be one of the world’s best producers of tactical knives. When it comes to self-defense knives, their creations often make it to the short list of the must-haves. The Combat Troodon is one of the best tactical OTF knives. OTF stands for out-the-front knife, which means at one look, you know that it is a tactical knife. The blade extendsup to 3.81 inches and it comes with a variety of blade styles, your choice will depend on your need. 

Which Is The Best Fit?

Which among these is the best fit for you? In truth, you can never tell which one is the best one. You can only take your pick and try to base everything on your experience. When you know what you are getting, you will train yourself on how to use it the right way. 

These knives are self-defense knives. Use them only when you are trying to defend yourself from predators.

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