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Top 10 Items You Need to Have in an Urban Bug Out Bag

Emergency Radio For Urban Bug Out Bag

When it comes to urban survival, you can expect it to be a bit different compared to preparing for survival in a rural environment. What you do have to prepare for is a good urban bug out bag. If you don’t know what items to include yet, here are some urban survival tools ideas on what you can prepare. 


Having an ax will prove to be useful when you’re in survival mode. You can use an ax as your weapon, you can cut down doors with it, and you can also chop wood to build a fire or shelter. It will help you a great deal if you have an ax in your bug out bag gears. Don’t worry if you think you need a full-size ax because you only need a small ax to fit your kit. As long as it is sharp and durable, then you’re good to go. 

Emergency Radio

You have to be prepared if communications have been disconnected or they haven’t been restored. When you have a radio, you will be updated about the events that are happening during an emergency. It’s best if you have a battery-operated radio. You have to prepare for instances when there’s no electricity. So be sure to pack extra batteries for your emergency radio as well. 

Portable Solar Panel

With all the electronic gadgets that we have, we need to have a way to charge them. If electricity is out, then having a portable solar panel is an absolute must. You can charge your flashlights, radio, phone, and other electronics you may have with you. Ensure that the solar panels you choose are thin and lightweight so that you can easily put them in your bug out bag without any problem. 

Water Keys

During an emergency, it can be hard to access potable water. And as you already know, having access to water is vital to your survival. Water keys will allow you to access residential or commercial water in times of emergency. Make sure that you include this in your survival kit so that you have one less thing to worry about. 

Gas Mask

A gas mask is an essential item during an emergency when toxic debris is present in the air. Having a gas mask will help in protecting your lungs and other respiratory organs. You have the option to choose between a gas mask or a face mask. The gas mask is better, but it will take up more room in your bug out bag. If you do have space in your kit, then secure yourself a gas mask. 

Water Purification Tablets

Once you’ve found your water source, the next thing to do is to ensure that the water is safe for drinking. Water purification tablets are necessary, especially if you’re not sure about the safety of your water source. Using these tablets is easy. All you need to do is to add tablets to a container with water. Do check the instructions found on the packaging though, so will know how many tablets you need to use for a certain amount of water. 

Wire Cutters

Having wire cutters will help you if you ever need to get to a fenced-in area. It would be best not to trespass though, however, if you absolutely need to do so to survive, then having wire cutters in your bug out bag will be useful. There are a number of ways you can use wire cutters, such as cutting thin materials, cutting rope, and other things you may need.

Can Opener

 When you’re trying to survive in an urban location, you can expect that your diet will mostly consist of canned goods. These may be the ones you’ve stored at home or canned goods you’ve found while you’re scavenging for food. Canned goods are great because they don’t spoil fast, and you can store them for later. However, they’re only good if you can find a way to open them. That’s why having a can opener in your survival kit is a must. 


You may need to pry a door open or smash a window, in any case, you’re going to need a crowbar. A crowbar can be easily placed in your bug out bag, and it is a versatile item for urban survival. Keep this on your list of things to put in your survival kit. You’ll most likely need this tool when trying to survive in an urban setting. 


One thing about being in survival mode is that other people are also trying to survive like you. They may be out to get you to get your food supplies or your weapons and tools. They may even hurt you so that they can get what they want. So, to prepare for this situation, bring a canister of mace, it’s going to help in giving you some time to either run away or get your weapons if you absolutely need to fight back. 

Final Thoughts on Urban Bug Out Bag

Having these ten items in your bug out bag or urban survival backpack is a good start when it comes to preparing for survival in an urban setting. Of course, you will still need a number of things, such as your food, medicine kit, and other essentials. If you have these things in your kit, then you’ll have more chances for survival during an emergency. 

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