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Survival Prepper Gear Pack: 10 Must-have Items In Your Survival Kit

Survival Prepper Gear Pack

When’s the best time to prepare yourself with a survival prepper gear pack? In truth, the best answer to this question was yesterday. Because if you come to think of it, when today comes and you are still unprepared for the worst things that could happen, you are likely to find yourself in a more difficult situation than those who are prepared. 

And what will make it even worse is that no prepper kits will ever be suitable for you and your needs. You will have to curate them on your own to make sure that it actually makes you “survive.”

How Do You Make The Right Choice?

With everyone wanting to prepare their own prepper kit, there are a great number of options when it comes to the survival prepper gear pack. The options can be quite overwhelming that you don’t know which one to buy. Everything just looks as if you all need to have them. 

But there is one thing you need to remember when buying: you have to buy them a few at a time. You can’t splurge on buying emergency survival preppers for your prepper gear pack without understanding what they are meant for. Whether it is buying everything at one or buying a few at a time, the choice is yours. Just make sure that you buy everything you need. 

Here are the top 10 Survival Prepper Gear Pack must-have items in every survival kit:


It does not matter what happens, food will always be the first to become scarce during an emergency. Make sure that you pack enough food that will last three days. You can try out instant food packs to help you get started. 


How much water do you need to survive for three days? You need to consider using 1 gallon a day for every person. So if you are packing for a family of four, it is best to have at least five gallons with you to last a day. Or better yet, get yourself a water purifier to help turn dirty water into something clean and potable. 

First Aid Kit

What do you do when someone you love gets a cut or needs medicines? When packing your survival bag, you have to think that getting medical care will be impossible. This is when you decide what should be in your first aid kit. It should not only cover the basics, but it should consider medications that family members may need. 

Oral Hygiene Kit

While emergency situations may not require you to look nice, you at least owe it to yourself to smell nice. An oral hygiene kit is something that will make you look and feel clean, but it is all about taking care of your overall health too. 

Masks and Goggles

You can never tell what kind of danger is there when an emergency situation strikes. And so the masks and the goggles will help ensure that you are protected from the worst that could happen. 

Heat and Light

Whether you decide to keep spare batteries for the flashlight or keep a lamp and solar chargers instead, you need to make sure you pack a good heat and light source. There are several portable heaters you can choose from. 


Shelter is one of the most important things you need during an emergency, but it’s often the easiest to forget. If you are not sure what to buy to build a shelter, consider a tarp. It is cheap and it can be used for a makeshift shelter during an emergency. 

Self-Defense Weapon

What would you need this for? The hope is that you will not find yourself in a situation when you need to use it. But when you do, having it in your survival bag will only prove to be useful. Obviously, choosing a gun is the best choice, but having a baton or a knife will also do. 

A Multi-Tool Kit

A multi-tool kit like the Leatherman Wave is important for your prepper gear. The name suggests that the kit comes with a number of tools that will prove to be helpful in emergency situations. They include pliers, scissors, a bottle opener, and a file. 

Water Bottles

You can never be too prepared for emergency situations. Packing a few extra bottles could help you provide yourself and your family with extra water you can find along the way. 

What’s Your Takeaway on the Survival Prepper Gear Pack? 

There are obviously a number of other things you want to include in your prepper gear pack. But these items in the list all prove to be the most helpful during times of emergencies. When you have these basics covered, you can not think of the other things you could need. 

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