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Self-Defense Baton: Which One Is The Best?

Self-Defense Baton

Whoever said preparing a bug out bag is a waste of time must have found herself helpless during a disaster. If you don’t want it to happen to you, then it is best to always be on the safe side. Go ahead and prepare that bug out bag and make sure to include a self-defense baton just in case. After all, you can never go wrong when you are prepared for the worst. 

At this point, perhaps you have put some thought on what to include in your survival kit. What items should be in there? Should it include weapons that can help you defend yourself? Will a knife or a firearm be a good addition? At this point, you can’t really say you are overpreparing yourself. Imagining the worst that could happen could only make you want to include possibly everything that could keep you safe. If it includes a personal defense baton, then be it. You have to start planning somewhere. 

How Useful Will A Baton Self Defense Be?

A baton is unlike a gun. It is not lethal, but it is something that could help protect you. If you are ever in a position when you need to defend yourself, a baton defense will prove to be the most helpful. It is hard and sturdy. It requires just the right amount of effort to get it to work to your advantage. 

It is true, though, that a baton is not as intimidating compared to the other self-defense accessories like the knife or the gun. However, if you teach yourself how to use it properly,  then you can very well cause damage to an enemy. In fact, it proves to be most helpful even to police enforcers. They carry a baton with them wherever they go. After all, they believe that not all situations would require them to use deadly force. 

With the right kind of baton and the knowledge on how to use it, you can incapacitate the person who may be attacking you. There’s no need to worry about accidentally killing someone with a knife or a gun. 

When it comes to survival, they say that the fittest always wins. But in truth, the knowledgeable get a headstart advantage. With a self-defense baton, you can rely on yourself when the situation calls for it. 

What Are The Different Types Of Self-Defense Baton?

Did you know that there are different types of baton? While they may all look the same, they are generally identified into two different types. The first one is the collapsible type and the other one is not. 

Most people prefer the collapsible type because they are easier to store. They help with the concealment too. With a collapsible baton, you will be able to make a surprise move against an attacker. Catching them off guard will put you in a more advantageous position. 

You can simply fold them up and attach them closer to your body. You can slide it in your pocket or perhaps attach it to a belt bag. Either way, you will be able to hide it and use that mystery tool to fight against an attacker. 

The non-collapsible batons are quite harder to carry, let alone conceal. However, the good thing about these types of batons is that they are sturdier and more durable than the collapsible type. They have a very low likelihood of breaking. This is the type that police officers and other security personnel bring with them. 

What Self-Defense Baton Options Are Available?

What batons for self defense can you choose from? Here are some of the 

Cold Steel Head Cane

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This is the kind of self-defense baton that comes as a stylish cane. Who would think that a weapon can mask itself as a cane? It may look ordinary, but these walking sticks are the perfect weapon. It is dangerous, but stylish. It can protect you from danger if you need to be on guard. The best part of it all is that it only weighs two pounds. It is very lightweight and very easy to use. Old members of the family could truly benefit from this type of baton. 

Whether it is to serve as your help when you need to make your walking more stable or when you are walking on a kind of uneven terrain, you can use this cane. Whenever danger comes, which you don’t know exactly when this cane can serve as your guard. It transforms into a self-defense weapon and that’s just one more reason to love it. 

Streetwise Barbarian Baton with LED light

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Is it legal to carry a baton with you? While it may only be for self-defense, it is important to check whether carrying a baton is legally allowed in the community where you live. Baton is always a good choice when it comes to self-defense weapons to carry with you. 

However, this type of baton comes with a stun gun. It is built in that baton providing an extra layer of protection for you against potential attackers. 

In fact, this brand comes with LED lighting to ensure that all its special features can give you the protection that you are looking for. While it may seem a bit more expensive than the usual batons for sale in the market, it proves to be the most efficient to use too. It comes with special features like the stun gun that makes it an even better choice. 

Smith and Wilson Baton – Collapsible

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Smith and Wilson has always been a known brand when it comes to firearms. And yet, this weapons maker also offers a wide range of batons to choose from. They particularly are very proud of their collapsible baton because of its simple design. And yet, the efficiency of its use remains superb. 

If you are looking for a collapsible baton that you can put inside your bag or hide in your pocket, then the one from Smith and Wilson is what you should get. Because they are in the business of weapons, you can be sure that the baton they provide you is of good value. Every dollar that you pay for it will prove to be worth it. 

Hardcore Hammers

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The Hickory Stick of Hardcore Hammers is a non-collapsible baton. If you are looking for a solid self-defense baton, then this is the one you should consider buying. In fact, this one is considered one of the best batons in the market because it can also double as a tire wacker. Simply put, it is particularly designed to help check the tire pressures of semi-large vehicles like small trucks. This baton also comes with its own lanyard, so you can simply slide it around your wrist. This stick is a simple baton, but it is one that you can rely on. It is made of solid wood, so you can be sure that you can use it to protect yourself. It is big and it weighs about ten ounces. 

If you want something simple, but something that works, then this is the baton to buy. The best part is that this baton is totally affordable. It is high-quality, so your use of it would be awesome. 

ASP Federal Expandable Baton

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This is considered a tactical baton that’s around 16 inches. In fact, this is one of the top choices of those who work in the security industry, including police officers. The best part about this expandable baton is that it is easy to set up and the experience of using it would be seamless. Whenever you find yourself in a survival situation, you need to do everything as fast as you could. This baton makes you use it for combat whenever you need to. It is made from top quality materials making it durable and efficient. There is nothing more that you could ask for. 

What’s Your Takeaway on Self-Defense Baton?

When it comes to survival, you need to be sure that you are equipped with all the right weapons. A self-defense baton should be the first on your list. Whether it is for self-defense or for survival, a baton will always prove to be useful. 

You can go for a baton that’s simple in design, but effective. Or you can go for one that you can disguise as something else like a cane of some sort. You can also pick the one with the stun gun. The opportunity to choose which one will work best for you is there.

Whatever you choose in buying batons, make sure to get yourself familiar with the item you are buying. After all, it is the weapon you can use to defend yourself in the worst situations of your life. It is a must that you know how to make it work to your advantage, today and always.  

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