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How to Make Tap Water Safe to Drink

How To Make Tap Water Safe To Drink

Water is essential for all living things to survive. Human being uses it for drinking, cleaning, cooking, washing, and bathing. One thing that you must need to consider in using water is your health if it is safe for you to use or not. This is How to Make Tap Water Safe to Drink

How to Make Water Drinkable

Most emergencies are unexpected, but at least you know some practical ways that could help you in the situation. Here are some of the methods that could help your water safe and making drinkable water.


Boiling water is one of the simplest and effective ways of treating water during or even after an emergency. It can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. You can also prepare it easily at less cost or even without any expense. If you observe that your water is slightly cloudy and the taste becomes unusual, this method is helpful for you. To prepare this, let the water settle on the container or Filtering Watter Bottles in an hour, then filter it with a clean cloth. Then, you can now bring clear water to a rolling boil for a minute. Allow it to cool for a minute before you store it in the clean container.

Filtering Tap Water

If you are living in a rural or remote area, mostly, tap water is the only source and most accessible for you. Filtering water method will help you to make sure that you are using or drinking clean and safe water. It removes contamination by letting water pass through while blocking the dirt. In filtering water, especially if it is for drinking, better to choose the absolute pore size of 1-micron filter material or smaller that is sufficient to filter even the parasites.

Chemical Disinfectant

If the two methods mentioned above are not possible for you, then you can try this one. Disinfectants can kill bacteria, germs, and harmful disease-causing viruses. You only need unscented liquid chlorine bleach for this method. But it requires you to follow the given guidelines on the package of your bleach you used with the proper amount labeled on it. Adding disinfectants to contaminated water with chemicals is not advisable for drinking. You can only use it for cleaning, washing, bathing, and cooking.


Distillation is one of the safest methods of treating water, but it takes a longer time. You may able to make water safe by boiling and collecting the evaporated water. You can recycle the water, and it truly helps you to save water for survival. However, it needs equipment on setting upon it.

Solar Disinfectant

In case you don’t have any Emergency Water Treatment Kit with you, Solar disinfectant is the simplest way of treating water. Solar disinfectant and boiling are likely the same. You only need to be filled the container with water and exposed it in the sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can destroy or even kill the microorganism that presents in the water. Then, you can now use it for cooking, cleaning, and washing.

Wrap Up on How to Make tap Water Safe to Drink

Knowing some practical ways of treating water or water disinfect is very important both in the event of an emergency or not. The methods mentioned above are simple and effective for you to use at home.

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