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Go Bag: What’s Inside It?

Go Bag

No person can ever say that they have over prepared for a disaster. In fact, whether it’s a storm, a hurricane, or a huge fire, everyone would feel like they have not prepared enough. This is where the Go bag comes in.

How do you save yourself from all that? This is where the Go Bag comes in handy. When you have the go bag, you can be at ease that the comforts of your usual life may not be complete, but at least you are left with nothing. The go bag will be your symbol of hope that no matter what happens, you can survive anything. 

What’s In A Go Bag?

What exactly do you put in your go bag home emergency kit? This might be the first question you have in mind. How do you pack everything you need in one small bag? It seems like an impossible task to do, but you can always make it possible. In truth, with bare essentials, you can get through day to day, at least before help can come. 

Your life after a disaster depends a lot on what’s inside your go bag. So before you fill it up with just about anything you can think of, here are a few tips on what go bag must have inside:

  • Water and Food

These two are everyday essentials. In fact, you know that you can’t live without them. However, when pacing for your bag, you can;t be thinking about what your family or you will want to eat. Planning your meals when a disaster strikes is all about having all the essential nutrients in your body. How much energy can one small bar of granola can give you? This is the question you have to ask for every food item you have in your go bag. Remember that you have to have something for everyone in your family for at least three days. If you can get yourself a portable water purifier then that would bea  good addition too. 

  • Personal Hygiene Needs

Personal hygiene means things that you consider essential to your everyday survival. This should include a pair of eyeglasses, soap, prescription medications and over the counter medicines that will prove to be helpful. If you have a young child with you, the go bag must include diapers, formula milk and baby food too. If you can;t put prescription medications just yet, put a note outside the bag that says you have to grab them before you get out of the house during an emergency. 

  • Paperwork and Cash

Copies of birth certificates, marriage contracts, bank books, insurance policies and the like — all these should be in your go bag too. If you can’t make copies, it is best to have them scanned and kept in an online platform where you can easily access them when the time comes. While the cash you need to keep is not as big as if you are going on a shopping spree, it is best to have them ready whenever the need arises. Keep your atm and debit cards handy for emergency situations. Whenever you have the time, print out a list of the most important numbers that every person should remember. The police, emergency and rescue, and the like should prove to be helpful when the situation calls for help to come. 

What’s Your Takeaway?

Having an emergency go bag list to prepare you for an emergency may not look like it’s a big help, but it surely does ease the stress from the situation. It is like having a loved one beside you. Your go bag will be your comfort. Knowing that you have the few things you need for survival will indeed give you an idea of what needs to be done. 

Deciding to prepare your go bag will eventually teach you an important skill about life. It is all about making critical decisions of what is important and what is not. The contents you put in your kit describes your everyday life. Be sure to carefully include something that every member of your family needs. 

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