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First Strike Combatives System Review

First Strike Combatives System

The First Strike Combatives System by Todd Lamb is a step-by-step, comprehensive program designed to train you to defend yourself and your self-esteem in the face of violence.

If you’ve ever seen a video of a street fight, then you probably saw just how quickly people can get hurt. This program teaches you how to stop being a victim and learn to defend yourself when you’re the one getting attacked.

First Strike Combatives System

The First Strike Combatives System combines some of the simplest combatives with some of the most effective combatives training in an easily-assembled instructional package. The first thing you’ll learn in this program is how to use basic striking tactics of military combatives in any type of dangerous situation: with a friend or a stranger when defending yourself in the street, and even with a member of your own family.

You’ll see how to use simple hand and eye techniques to control your attacker put them on the ground, and even deliver a few nasty right hooks and uppercuts to the face that would leave most other fighters gasping in shock.

With these striking army martial arts methods, you can learn to safely and effectively take down a person of any size in as little as 5 seconds flat, with absolutely no risk of injury to you or the person you’re trying to defend yourself from.

What makes First Strike so unique is the fact that it does not rely on any type of overly physical grappling, locking, or grabbing. Instead, it gives its students a clear set of instincts that respond to personal protection and self-protection needs.

These instincts are extremely effective, and they come so naturally that you’d be surprised how easy it is to learn them and apply them in real life confrontations. By studying the techniques in The FIRST STRIKE Combatives System, you’ll develop a set of instincts that allow you to react quickly and efficiently to any situation.

One of the most important concepts taught by The FIRST STRIKE Combatives System is what is known as the clinch. A clinch is simply a method of controlling a dangerous situation by making the other person close to you smaller, easier to defeat, or unable to hurt you in any way.

To use the clinch effectively, you have to master a few key moves. These include the palm heel hook (also known as the Lamaze technique) and the knee bar.

The purpose of these two techniques is to create an opportunity to use what is called the triangle. The triangle, which is formed by you and your assailant, is an area of direct connection and balance.

With the Lamaze technique, the instructor will guide you through an exercise to familiarize yourself with your body and the triangle. You are then able to quickly move into a situation where you can attempt to attack the assailant and make them feel very uncomfortable.

The second part of The FIRST STRIKE Combatives System focuses on instinctive attacks. This part of the training teaches you how to attack the person who has begun to intimidate you. The three main instinctive moves involved in this type of fighting include the palm heel hook, knee bar, and stomp.

These are just a few of the many moves that can be used to make an attacker feel very uncomfortable, and once you learn how they work, you can easily use them to your advantage.

The third part of The FIRST STRIKE Combatives System teaches students the proper placement of their hands and feet in an arid position. Arriki is a traditional Japanese technique that involves using your legs to strike at your opponent’s.

Many martial arts teach their students to perform arrive but few truly master the technique. The Third Part of the training teaches students how to execute a series of techniques that are designed to disable or distract their opponent so that it is easier for them to deliver a crippling blow.

First Strike Combatives System

Final Thoughts on the First Strike Combatives System

The training system gives you a clear path towards personal empowerment and self-confidence. It also helps you to protect yourself and your loved ones when you are in real world situations.

Many people fear being in a threatening situation, but if you learn to strike your attacker and disable them with your feet, you can gain the confidence to take the lead in any confrontation.

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