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Fight Or Flight Prepping Book Review

Fight Or Flight Prepping

” Fight Or Flight Prepping ” is one of a few good books on preparing for a crisis. It is a little different than most of the others I have reviewed, as it focuses on preparing physically, mentally and spiritually before a crisis. The Fight Or Flight Prepping author does an excellent job of explaining what is meant by these terms and how you can apply them to your own personal situation. The book is not very long, so you can get a quick overview of it without having to read it in its entirety. I believe that the short length is a great advantage since most survival books tend to be much longer.

Fight Or Flight Prepping

The author states that people have a natural instinct to live in a crisis, but they can often not prepare themselves for what actually occurs. When you are looking at what people do when an emergency arises, you begin to see the classic signs of being unprepared. Most of these include being too fearful of leaving your home, prepping for a riot or stampede, preparing to fight or flee, and staying too long in a crisis area. Once you understand how unprepared you are, you will avoid these mistakes and ensure your family’s safety.

The Fight Or Flight Prepping eBook is easy to read and provides a lot of good information. The author breaks down the steps involved in preparing for an emergency and provides some tips and techniques that preppers can use to ensure their best chance of staying safe and secure. The information is broken down into chapters that focus on each of these three areas, and the author provides plenty of illustrations to reinforce these points.

After reading this book, I realized that one of the keys to surviving an emergency is always knowing what to do and where to go, regardless of where you are. That is just common sense, but how many people execute that? Without information leading you in the right direction, it is nearly impossible to stay ahead of the game. With Fight Or Flight, the author takes this one step further and teaches you exactly what you need to do and where to go to survive a crisis.

There are chapters devoted to dealing with crises of the natural and manmade variety. Chapters include Preparing For a Crisis With Nature, Dealing With an Emergency With Manmade Sources, and Dealing With an Emergency With Technology. As I read the book, it became obvious that part one of the guide was about preparing for an emergency with nature. This chapter discusses exactly what you should be carrying and using in case of an emergency. You should carry non-lethal items that do not have any sharp objects in them, like scissors or even guns. You should also carry a supply of food and water as well as some anti-poison or medications.

The second part of the book covers emergency preparedness with technology. This chapter focuses on devices that you can use against the most common attacks people experience in their daily lives. These include home alarms, smoke detectors, and other devices. The author also goes over some of the more obscure gadgets available and their capabilities to help you be prepare for any situation.

Fight Or Flight Prepping

The third chapter of Fight Or Flight Prepping eBook Review deals with how you should deal with stress. Stress can take its toll on your mind and body and leave you tired, disoriented, and even physically handicapped. This book talks about how you can become more relaxed and focused to battle these effects and become mentally and physically prepared for whatever may come. It also explains how taking some simple steps can help you combat stress. The book also goes over how breathing deeply before you go to sleep can make a huge difference in how you sleep and how being calm and having strong willpower can also help you avoid these things.

Final Thoughts on Fight Or Flight Prepping

The final part of this book discusses physical attacks. This chapter explains what the symptoms are if you or someone you love is ever attacked by a real-life terrorist or even a stranger. The information also discusses what you should do if you ever find yourself or someone you love in a potentially dangerous situation. The book also goes over the basics of CPR and first aid in case of emergencies.

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