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Emergency Preparedness Guide: A List Of What You Need

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Do you want to prepare yourself for the worse that could happen? Everyone does, but where do you begin? How do you create the emergency disaster plan that will fit any type of emergency you find yourself in. Emergency preparedness guide is something that everyone should learn the basics of. This is to ensure that everyone has everything they need to survive. 

It all begins when you choose to seek advice from those who know a lot about it. Expert-verified advice will only allow modern people to create their own kind of emergency preparedness guide. When you have gone through this checklist, you are sure to be ready to take on any emergency you may find yourself in. 

Whether it is a home invasion, a natural disaster, or a car accident, emergency planning can be quite overwhelming. There is no perfect time to start a preparedness plan but now. If you choose to wait, by then, you will realize that it might just be too late. 

What’s In The Emergency Preparedness Bag?

Every single item that you include in your emergency bag should help you get through a few days or weeks until help comes and rescues you. Here’s a checklist to help you in your attempt for an emergency preparedness guide:


Make sure you have enough water for every person you are preparing the kit for. This counts for at least 1 gallon of water per day. If you can, make sure to at least have a water filter that could help turn dirty water into something potable like the Sawyer Portable Water Filter


How much food do you need to store? Every person needs about 2,300 calories a day to get them through all their activities. Make sure to use foods that are easy to prepare, but packed with the calories, vitamins, and nutrients to help people survive. 


You need to get yourself some dependable lighters, matches, and emergency lamps. All these will help five light and heat whenever you find yourself stuck in the woods or when a natural disaster cuts off all the lights. 


Flashlights, candles, and headlamps all prove to be useful during an emergency. Having enough light to see through the dark provides comfort and convenience during a difficult time.


You can never be too prepared for an emergency until you find yourself a cheap tarp and pack it in your bug out bag. Such materials can come in handy as you can build it up like a temporary shelter. The Kotap Multi-purpose tarp is just the right fit for your emergency bag. 


Having a solar charger in your emergency bag is indeed a great addition. Not only will it serve as a spare power source, but it could provide you with a lot of things that you need. It can bring light or provide access to a radio system too. 

What’s Your Takeaway on Emergency Preparedness Guide?

What’s the point of preparing for an emergency? The goal is not to keep you out of danger. Everyone’s life is at risk when an emergency strikes. What is an emergency bag for? It is for you to survive. It might not be the most comfortable position you are in, but it will definitely count simply because you are alive. 

Your survival kit with all the necessities in it will help reduce the disruptions of your everyday life. What counts is that you are all well and good until the emergency response team sweeps in and saves your life. 

With all these things in your survival bag, you are sure to live through the tragedy to tell everyone your story.

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