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Disaster Supply List

Disaster Supply List

What happens when a disaster strikes? Everything you know about your life elapses at glance. It’s like you have been stripped off everything. Suddenly, you are homeless. You no longer have the convenience and comfort that you’ve always been used to. What’s on your disaster supply list?

Whenever a disaster happens, people think it’s the end for them. And yet, what they should really be thinking about is how they could survive it, alive and well. It may take days for help to come.

Instead, what you need is to make sure you have an emergency supplies list with everything you could ever need in it. 

How Do You Create An Emergency List for Home? 

First, you must understand that an emergency kit is something that will prove useful when a disaster strikes. There might not be a sense of urgency to prepare it today, but there is no better time to get it together than now. 

Creating a disaster supplies list that will best suit your needs is what you should aspire for. First aid kit, food, and water are just some of the basic items that should be in that bug out bag. What else do you need? Here’s a disaster supply list to help you:

  • Non-perishable food items. These could come as canned goods or those preserved in jars, but there are other healthier alternatives too. You can get food items rich in carbohydrates to give you the energy you need to last through days. 
  • Water is a must-have in your emergency kit. Every person needs at least a gallon a day. So if you are preparing for an emergency, make sure you have enough water to last for three days. 
  • A portable water purifier will be your best friend for life. A portable water purifier will save the day when all the water and food items you have packed have been used up. This tool will make it possible for you to turn dirty water into clean, potable one. 
  • A can opener may not be the first on your list, but it sure does help you get through emergencies. It will make it easier to open cans and will prove to be a useful tool when you need to defend yourself too. 
  • First Aid Kit is what everyone needs to have in their bug-out bags. It should have all the basics like betadine, gauze, and bandages too. If you are taking any medication for a special condition, it is best to have them packed too. 
  • A flashlight will always be a must-have in the bug out bag or the emergency kit at home. It is easier to find comfort when there is light. The dark will always come with its own challenges. Lessen the fear of what may be lurking out there, pack a flashlight and make sure to have spare batteries handy too. 
  • Battery-operated transition radio. During an emergency, you want to stay connected for any official updates. This ensures that even at the absence of the internet or the television, you are stay updated as to how the government is going about the emergency. Knowing that help is coming will give you home that all will be well in time. 
  • Flares are often the most overlooked, but it proves to be an essential item in your disaster supply list. These help you get help during a time of disaster. They will point rescuers to where you are. 

Every item that you include in your disaster supply checklist should help save your life. They will all prove to be useful when it feels like you won’t survive. 

What’s Your Takeaway on the Disaster Supply List?

With this disaster supply list, you know you can be prepared for anything. This list covers practically what every bug out bag should have. But what will make your survival kit any different? 

Make sure to work on customizing the disaster supply list to fit your needs. After all, there is no one else out there that will look out for you but yourself. Therefore, you have to be prepared for that too. 

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