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Crazy Prepper? Here’s How To Deal With Skeptics

Crazy Prepper

Whenever you prepare for the worst, some people look at you as if you were a crazy prepper. Have you ever found yourself in that situation? You can’t help but feel bad about preparing for disastrous situations knowing that others would look at you differently. 

In fact, it can sometimes make you reach the point where you begin to question yourself and what you are doing. Is it really necessary? What do preppers believe? Do you really need to prepare for a disaster? Or are you just a crazy prepper thinking that the worst possible scenarios will happen to you? 

Should You Be Preparing? 

It is practically normal for people to think that they do not need to prepare anything. They think that the comfortable life that they have now is the life that they will wake up to tomorrow and the day after that. The idea of losing all of it is not something that they entertain because they believe it is not something that could happen to them until it does. 

If you are a prepper and survivalist you’ve talked to skeptics about what you have been up to, you will definitely receive surprising reactions. Sometimes, you might even be called crazy survivalist preppers for thinking about the worst possible scenarios. How do you deal with that?

In truth, there is nothing that you can do about the skeptics. They will think about what they want to think and refuse to acknowledge that emergencies are never going to happen to them. Most of them will point out that emergencies only happen to those who have negative thinkers.

Pessimistic thinking, they say, is what leads people to prepare their bug out bag. While this may be true, there is nothing wrong with preparing yourself. Actually, during an emergency, only those who are ready will be able to survive. Do you want to survive? It will be a great tragedy if the human race is wiped out of this world. And if you can do something to keep it from happening, wouldn’t you want to do it? 

Making a list of all the things that you need, particularly those that will help you survive until help comes, is something that everyone should consider. It is not just about putting things in a bag to call yourself prepared. Rather, it is about having the right mindset that when a disaster happens, you don’t need to panic. Because you are prepared, you are in the right state of mind to do what needs to be done. 

Are You a Crazy Prepper?

Some people who look at you carefully curating your survival bag think that you are a crazy prepper. Maybe you are, but it does not matter. The whole point of preparing yourself and your kit is to be ready for the worse. You should prepare since you cannot imagine death to come during a disaster you should prepare. 

You cannot imagine losing a loved one just because a disaster happened and you were not prepared, therefore, you should pack up and be ready. If you think it is unimaginable to live life without the comfort and security that you are enjoying now, then you should prepare yourself. There is always something you can do. You just have to want to do it. 

Will it matter if people call you a crazy prepper? It does not. In fact, they can call you anything they want. If it means calling you a crazy prepper, then let them be. The whole point of being prepared is to be able to survive a tragedy or disaster that’s so bad. 

Be prepared and let others realize what their unpreparedness could lead them to. Will they survive? Perhaps they will, because a crazy prepper person like you may be there to save them.

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