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Best Tactical Pens: Which Ones Work For Your Defense?

Tactical Pens For Your Defense

What do you need a tactical defense pen for? Many people liken a tactical pen to that of a tactical knife. While the two may share similar characteristics, they have a lot of differences too. These differences are what sets them apart, making each one an important tool for survival in so many ways. 

In truth, the best tactical pens are one of the most overlooked tools when it comes to security and survival. Oftentimes, people prioritize the packing of food, water, and other supplies, and often forget about important tools like tactical pens or even a knife.

Usually, it is only when it’s too late that they realize they should have packed something useful. Apart from food and water for survival, they should have brought with them something to defend themselves. 

In truth, you can never really say when you need a weapon to defend yourself. You just have to be prepared for the worse. Fending off an attacker should not be so hard to do. When you have the right tactical pen to help you. 

If you are not sure what to buy, here are a few options you might want to look into:

Gerber Impromptu Pen

This one is mainly designed with inputs from the local authorities. It looks tactical in appearance, but it is even more functional than that. With a simple push of a button,  the Gerber Impromptu Pen will reveal an ink cartridge that could write in various positions no matter what weather condition you may find yourself in. It also comes with a tempered tip that’s heavy and sturdy enough to double as a defensive pen weapon whenever the need arises. 

Boker Plus Bolt Action

If you have spent so many hours looking for the best tactical pens to buy, then the Boker Plus Bolt Action should be part of your shortlist. It comes with a hard coat anodized, aluminum body tactical pen from one of Germany’s leading makers of knives. The integrated clip makes up for a smooth draw whenever you need to take it out of your pocket. It comes with a notched grip that ensures it won’t slip when you need the pen for self-defense. 

Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen

Many people say that the Smith and Wesson Tactical pen is the best there is in the market. Perhaps, this perspective comes from the fact that they are the leading makers of high-quality guns and other ammunition in the world. This pen proves to be the most useful for those who use their smartphone or tablet on a daily basis. It comes with its own stylus with a screw cap protection. This tactical writing pen also comes with a ballpoint black ink cartridge, anodized aluminum covering, as well as a back pocket clip. There’s nothing like a nice, multi-functional tactical pen to invest in. 

Benchmade 1100 Tactical Pen

This is a world-renowned crafter of the best blade knives. They also have a wide range of pocket folding knives best used for situations that require a tactical advantage. However, very few people know that Benchmade also has its own range of tactical pens. The crowd favorite among all their tactical pens is 1100 because it is so sturdy and could take the daily abuse that it could be exposed to, much like that of a tactical knife. It can be perfectly used as a pen, but it doubles as a self-defense weapon too. 

Nitecore NTP10 Pen

Who doesn’t have his own Nitecore EDC flashlights? Many may love their flashlights, but their Nitecore tactical pen is one of a kind too. It is one of the brands that prove to be functional and durable at the same time. Nitecore tactical pen is made of waterproof titanium covering that won’t stain and won’t rust. It probably won’t break, too, no matter how much abuse you may be under. 

What’s Your Takeaway on Tactical Pens?

Which best tactical pens should you buy? There are so many of them in the market, each one looking more beautiful than the last. While it might be a bit challenging to choose just one, it is best to arrive at a decision. Right now, you need to think about which one would fit your needs and your budget. 

At the end of the day, whichever of these you end up choosing will prove to be helpful to you. Perhaps, they might even be able to help save your life.

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