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Best Survival Foods: Items for Survival Situations

Best Survival Foods

What’s the first thing you think of when you find yourself in a difficult situation? Food is perhaps not on top of your list, but it is definitely on the top three. However, in times of emergency and the situation puts you in survival mode, best survival foods should be one of your main concerns.  

Food is what will basically keep you alive. It will give you enough energy to think rationally in order to keep yourself and your loved ones in safety. It is highly important to have food prepared for at least three days for survival. How much food does that entail? 

How Many Best Survival Foods Would Be in Food Pack?

When it comes to preparing food packs for survival situations, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Here are some of them in a list:

  • First, you need to consider if you are going to stay in one place or if the emergency would require you to move a lot. If there is going to be a lot of moving, then you should prepare food that is easy to pack and even easier to carry around. It can’t be too heavy especially when you have kids with you. 
  • Second, you have to consider the survival diet number of calories contained in each one. They have to be packed with calories to make sure you have enough energy to survive the worst possible situations. 
  • Third, you have to consider who you are going to be stuck with. Will they be able to carry their own bug out bag? Or will you have to bring some things for them? If you think you are going to be around kids, it is best to pack food items that they really like. Not only will you be able to feed them, but you will be able to ease their worries too. 
  • Fourth, the place where you plan to be during a big storm or any other impending natural disaster should be a point of consideration too. If you plan to stay in the house, then it is best to store food that is good for more than three days. 
  • Fifth, when you think that the disaster will make you leave your home for days, make sure to prepack your meals. There is essential food for survival that are easier to prepare and store. Most dried and frozen foods last longer. Make sure to consider that. 

And yet, every situation is different. When it comes to food planning, it is important to be more careful about the choices that you make. 

Are There Best Survival Foods Brand For Survival Planning?

Knowing when an emergency situation is going to happen maybe next to impossible, but being prepared for it is not. There is always something you can do to prepare yourself for what could happen. 

Did it ever occur to you that there might be some cheap survival foods brand in the market meant for survival planning? Here are the top Food Items for Survival:

Good To Go

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This food brand offers a wide range of freeze-dried foods. But what makes it rise above the rest is that they offer vegan, cruelty-free food items. If you are trying to be healthy, then there gluten-free options should be a good choice too. Good to go lives up to their name. How would you like to have a bowl of Mexican quinoa? No emergency situation should ever make you forget about taking care of yourself. How about an Indian korma? Or maybe you should try their specially herbed risotto made with mushrooms. Indeed, their food options are not only healthy, but they are perfect for survival food planning too. 

Mountain House

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Theirs is a brand that has been a household name for mountaineers and backpackers. If you are planning for survival food, you can count on their food options to give you all the energy you need to see things through. Every packed meal contains two large portions, which also means one pack could be shared by two people. 

If you love to eat macaroni with beef or a turkey casserole cooked homestyle, then Mountain House food items are for you. They also have breakfast and snack meals, that’s perfect for everyone. Did you know that they make granola and ice cream too? Their range is pretty impressive. It’s like they have everything you could ever hope for when planning for food for survival. Their options make it easy. 

Valley Food Storage

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If you are into non-GMO food items, then Valley Food Storage is what you are looking for. If you live with family or friends that have dietary restrictions, it is important that you put more time into carefully planning your food for survival. Valley Food Storage is a food brand that offers gluten-free and dairy-free meals. 

If you are just staying at home, then it is best to have enough food storage for a month. They have basil-tomato soup, fettuccine alfredo, pasta primavera, and macaroni and cheese. They also offer buttermilk pancakes that you will surely love. 

Wise Company 52

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This company offers a special food bundle they call the prepper pack. This pack contains 120 bucket meals as well as 240 servings of various emergency food packs. The Wise Company is known for its freeze-dried meals that include a variety of healthy options too. They have the pasta with vegetables, apple cinnamon oatmeal, southwest beans and rice, and their special savory stroganoff. 

Their prepper pack is specially curated to offer a range of healthy food options to people who may find themselves in emergency situations. Every prepper pack comes with whey protein and orange juice. If you are thinking about survival food planning while being in one location, then get yourself the prepper pack. You can store them as you want. 

American Red Cross

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The name itself suggests the kind of food packs they have. Their emergency ration kits are tried and tested during emergency situations. When you decide to buy this kit, you are sure to have enough food for your family of four that could last you for 72 hours or until help comes. Some of the meals ensure children’s favorites like mac and cheese, chicken and vegetable stew, and cheese grits. They also have healthy options like black beans and rice as well as cheddar and broccoli rice.

Every meal that is included in the pack will give you as much as 2,100 calories that are good for the day. However, if you are likely to move around, you may need to eat more to have more calories to do what needs to be done. However, if you will be staying in one place, then their food items are enough to sustain you with the needed calories. 

What’s Your Takeaway on Best Survival Foods?

Every food item that you choose to pack for survival counts. After all, preparing meals during an emergency situation requires a lot. When it comes to planning food for survival, remember to calculate for calories. 

If you have family members who may have food requirements and sensitivities, then make sure that you count that too. And don’t forget to pack food for your pets too. Everyone needs food to survive. And with careful planning, you can survive all forms of disasters, whatever may come your way. 

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