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A Guide on the Best Defense Batons

Self-defense Batons

What’s inside your bug out bag or survival kit? Does it include some self-defense weapons such as some mace, a knife, or a firearm? If you’re still completing your arsenal, you should think about adding a defense baton. A baton is not lethal, but it can protect you if you’re ever in a position where you need to defend yourself. 

It’s true, and batons may not be as intimidating as a firearm; however, if you know how to use it properly, then it can cause some damage. Even police officers carry a baton with them. It’s because it’s not in every situation that you’re going to need a deadly force. With a baton, you can do just enough to incapacitate whoever’s attacking you. You don’t have to worry about accidentally killing someone with a knife stab or a gunshot. In times where you need to survive, having a reliable self-defense baton is important. 

The Best Defense Batons

There are two kinds of batons. There’s one that collapsible, and the other is not. With collapsible batons, it will be easy to conceal and store them. You can fold it up and then attach them close to your body like sliding it into your pack’s side, a big pocket, or your belt buckle. Batons that are non-collapsible are going to be difficult to conceal and carry, but the good thing about them is that they are more durable because they have fewer points to break. 

Cold Steel Axe Head Cane

With this self-defense baton, you will have a cane that’s a weapon. It may look like an ordinary self defense canes and walking sticks, but it’s a dangerous weapon that you can use to protect yourself. Its weight is about two pounds, so it’s lightweight. You can use it as a cane whenever you need something to make you more stable as you’re walking on uneven terrain. And whenever there’s danger, you have it on hand to use as a self-defense baton. 

Smith & Wesson Collapsible Baton

Smith & Wesson is a brand known for making good firearms. This weapons maker also has batons that you can choose from. The collapsible baton has a simple design, but it’s efficient enough for its function. 

If you’d rather have a collapsible baton that you can hide or store in your bag, this one from Smith & Wesson is something you can consider getting. As manufacturers of weapons, you can be sure that the quality is great and that you’ll get good value for the price that it’s worth. 

Streetwise Barbarian LED Stud Gun Baton

Before considering this self-defense baton, you would have to check if it’s legal in your area. Baton is a good choice if you are serious with self -defense. It is because this baton has a stun gun built into it that will deter your attackers. 

However, since the Streetwise Barbarian LED Stun Gun Baton has all these features, expect to pay a higher price compared to others that do not have a built-in stun gun. 

ASP 16” Federal Expandable Friction Lock Baton

This tactical baton measures 16 inches and is the top choice of police officers. With one simple flick, this baton locks in place. This means that setting it up is going to be quick, easy, and seamless whenever you need to use it. When you’re in a survival situation, you need to be fast, especially if you need to protect yourself. This self-defense baton is made from top quality materials, making it efficient and durable as a self-defense weapon. 

Hardcore Hammers Hickory Stick

If you’re looking for a strong, solid, non-collapsible self-defense baton, this Hardcore Hammers Hickory Stick is among the best ones in the market. It’s actually used as a tire wacker. It means that its design is for checking the tire pressure on semi-trucks. This baton also has a lanyard that you can slide around the hand so that it will be more secure when you’re holding it. 

This stick is a simple baton, but it’s reliable. It’s big, and it’s made of solid wood. It can be quite heavy, though, since it weighs about ten ounces. If you only want a simple baton, then this one is great to have. It’s very affordable, but the quality you’ll get is going to be awesome. 

Final Thoughts on the best defense batons

In survival situations, you’re going to need an excellent weapon to protect you. A self-defense baton is one of the most reliable weapons that you should consider getting for your survival kit. As you can see, there are many options to choose from. You can choose one that is simple or one that can be disguised as a cane. You also have the opportunity to get a baton with a built-in stun gun. Whatever you choose, make sure that you get familiar with how to use it so that you’ll be ready.   

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