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6 Best Self-defense keychains

Self-defense Keychains

Another important thing that you must have to prepare seriously for yourself is your protection physically. Self-defense keychains help you to protect yourself from unexpected or harmful situations.

If you had one mentioned below, make sure that you are permitted to carry it with it as your self-defense weapon. However, you must still have to be careful with it, because it might be harming you or harming somebody else. Most importantly, be mindful that you only have it as a stun and not for deadly purposes.

  • Knuckle Knife Keychain

The Knuckle Knife Keychain is extremely useful in so many ways.  Primarily used as a self-defense weapon and also used for cuttings. Designed as small but can deliver a powerful punch to the attackers, it also enables you to bring with it easily anywhere. If you have this, you had a great choice.

  • Fury Tactical SD Keychain

This fury tactical self-defense keychain is a non-lethal weapon, it’s about the size of a ballpen and purely made of aluminum. If you know how to target the key pressure points of a body, this self-defense keychain matches for you to use. It also requires enough force to injure the attackers surely.

  •  Kubaton SD Keychain

Like the Fury tactical SD keychain, Kubaton is another kind of non-lethal weapon made up of aluminum with no sharp-pointed end. It is handy and easy to bring anywhere, and not obvious that it’s a weapon. Extremely design small but surely hunt the attackers. You can also hold it with your hand, while quite observing the unfamiliar moves around you.

  • MC Pepper Spray Keychain

The handy MC Pepper Spray Keychain is cute that most women use as a self-defense weapon.  You can directly spray the attackers even with a distance of 3.5 meters away from him. It is made up of highly concentrated Capsaicinoids with UV-dye stains but it’s a non-lethal weapon. If you have it, you must keep it away from the open fire to prevent accidents instead.

  • Yoogo Keyring Tool

Yoogo Keyring Tool is extremely versatile in many methods and styles. At first, you might think that it’s just an accessory without other uses.  You can’t notice that it’s a self -defense weapon because it looks like a spinner with just two hands. It’s handy and light to bring anywhere, like the other above mentioned.

  • Spike SD Keychain

It is one of the most dangerous self-defense keychains because of its design. It has two piercing spikes that extremely injure the attacker. It is small enough that can fit in your hand. You can use it in an event where you think it’s needed. Like for example, if someone is trying to kidnap you, surely they will run from you. Be mindful also to keep it away from the kids.

 Wrap Up on Self Defense Keychains

You can never avoid a suspicious event somewhere crowded or dark places. But you must be prepared anywhere, anytime. You can have at least the above mentioned for yourself as your self-defense tools. Anyway, most of them observe it as a weapon for survival.

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